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If your question wasn’t answered by the items above, send any other questions about AudioCupcake to We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Step 2: Enter your country and location.

This is so we know in what language we can give you support, and so our app is localized to your country. When you’re finshed, click Continue.

Step 3: Locate and click on the tiny Add Coupon link.

Don’t worry that the checkout is telling you the app will cost US$19.95 – just click on the Add Coupon link below that price, and be ready with the coupon code you received from class.

Step 4: Copy and paste your coupon code from the class email.

Make sure you copy and paste the code – don’t try to type it in manually. Once you’re finished, click on Add Coupon.

Step 5: Behold the results of following these directions. It’s now free.

Notice the price is now zero. Click on Complete checkout to finish up.

Step 6: Behold the results of your coupon expertise. It’s now free.

You’re finished with the transaction. Now, off to your email inbox to complete the download and installation. Launch your email app and go to your inbox.

Step 7: Open one of the emails you just got from Paddle.

YOU JUST GOT TWO EMAILS: one is an invoice, and the other has all the good stuff. Find the email that has the subject line Your AudioCupcake Order.

Note that there are two important parts to this email: your download button (click that to download the ZIP file containing your AudioCupcake app) and your license key (get ready to copy that into the app). Once you’ve clicked on the download button, go to your Downloads folder.

Step 8: Locate the downloaded ZIP file in your Download folder.

Wow! It’s right where we said it would be…in your Downloads folder, with some cockamamie file name. Double click on that ZIP file. It will decompress into the app itself.

Step 9: Drag the app into your Applications folder.

That’s where apps go. Don’t put it on your desktop so you “know where it is.” Put it where it belongs. Otherwise, you’ll be headed to the vice-principal’s office and no one wants that. Once you’ve dragged into your applications folder, double click on it.

Step 10: Click on the Enter License button.

Because you’re special, you get to enter the license code that was in that email you just received. To do that, click on the Enter License button in the lower right corner of the screen that pops up.

Step 11: Copy and paste the license key from your email message.

You’ll also have to enter the email address you used to register when you downloaded the app. Make sure you’re correct with your email address, and copy and paste the license key from the email. Then, click on the Activate License button in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and AudioCupcake will be completely unlocked and ready to use. Oh, taste that frosting…that fluffy cake…that RMS and peak normalized and 192k mono MP3 encoded gooey goodness!

Got it? Great! Here’s your instant access button!